What Will Happen In The Future?

On Wednesday TBI Class there was interesting topic that we discuss. It is about the future, precisely about the world in 2116. Actually, this topic based on text about Samsung survey in terms of what the world will be in 2116. There were some points that mention on the text, like idea about underwater cities (maybe its inspired by Atlantis, the lost underwater world), the 3D printer that can print pizza, so you can get pizza quickly, or the idea about health capsule, its make we won't go to the doctor frequently. 

Back To The Future III - We already passed that time
Well, when we talk about future we will think dozen of ideas that maybe exist in the future. As we know, many movies talk about future, such as Back To The Future (maybe you remember about "Back To The Future Day" in October 21, 2015, many interesting topics there, just googling it), Interstellar, and many more. Most of Science-Fiction movie maybe contain about our planet in the future.

For me, when we talk about future, there will be lot of things and topics that we can discuss. Future is not only about technology, but we can discuss in multidimensional topics. We can talk about the nature in the future, like what will happen if our planet become hotter, the North and South Pole become more melting, cut down and fires our forest, what will happen with our nature in the future? Or maybe the nature will become better, as the awareness about nature become better, people will more care about our environment, about our forests, our seas. Well, I hope people awareness about nature will be better.

We also can discuss future in terms of more heavier topics, such politics, the relation between countries etc. Well, the world may become worst when the wars happen more often. The conflict in Middle-East that happening now maybe become worst. One thing that I worried in the future if the World War III happen, maybe that will worst thing that can occur. 
Or what will happen in our country? Will our country can be developed country? What will happen in 2045, when the demographic bonus occur? Will our country become better or stagnant or worst?

In terms of education, will the methods of education will be better? Will the educational level in our country will be better? Or maybe we will more using digital method, like we will not often go to school but rather stay in our home and study by using our gadget. Maybe in the future we will have a robot that can teach us, we don't know.

Science and technology maybe the most interesting topics. If we look back to the past, the development of technology was really crazy. Well just in thirty years ago, maybe we not imagine that we will talk to our friends just by using palm-sized object, or in ten or fifteen years ago we still not use touchscreen phone and we amazed on that day when we see touchscreen gadget.
(Few days ago I read nice article in Wall Street Journal about our future smartphone, one of the idea is wireless charging. It's not like something we already found now, wireless charger, but it is like an area that when we enter that area our smartphone automatically charge itself, and stop charging when its battery full to prevent overcharging. Well it will be a solution for you who frequently running out the battery.)
Flying-Bus? image by google
Nowadays become crazier, now we use smartwatch, smartglass, well maybe we will use smartclothes someday, clothes that can  adapt the temperature and weather condition, or maybe self-dry clothes?  

I also think about transportation in the future. Maybe in the future our public transportation is like flying-bus or flying taxi, and our main road will be used by walk, bicycle, and non-motor vehicle. Well, it just a small though.

So, when we talk about future, I think dozen of ideas can be produced, I look the future will be better than now. But, one thing that I will hard to believe about future is the time-traveller and time machine, I just think if we can found and build it, will the past change? And what its effect to the present and future life? So I think this is one thing that I can't believe.

Well, that's all what I think about the future, maybe you have any ideas and opinion about the future? Let's discuss in comment section.

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