Talks About Mathematics

Mathematics, one of subject that maybe many people are afraid of it. Many people said that this thing is really, really difficult! Some people sometimes said like this to they who studied about Mathematics, "Wow! Mathematics! You must be genius!" or like "How could you life with these thing?" and many more. Some people also think that Mathematics is always related to counting something, find a value of x variable, trigonometry, calculus, and many more.

Well, as a student of Mathematics, I can say that most of them are right but not absolutely right. Mathematics is not only about counting something, but rather it's about proving something. Further, its teach you about how to think and solve problem analytically, logically, and systematically. Well, maybe your Algebra courses can't useful for you in real-life, but how you solve it, step-by-step, systematically and analytically can be useful for you. My lecturer said that Mathematics is a tools, tools to solve a problem. So you can take the similar logic for your problem by learning mathematics. I think clearly that Mathematics not only about counting.

More further, you can find many research tells about what problem that can solved by Mathematics. For example, there was Integer Programming, with this tools you can create a schedule that not only useful but also efficient. A real-life example for this is a paper by that told about scheduling Ecuadorian football league. The objective is to maximazing profit by scheduling football matches. Similar method also applied in Chile.

Beside that, there were also some subject like Queue Theory, Inventory Theory (simple example, it is about how to create good inventory system that can maximizing profit for you), Game Theory (see a film about John Nash Jr -who invented this theory- in A Beautiful Mind). Dynamic Programming, Dynamic System, etc.. There were also some spesific area in Mathematics like Biological Mathematics, Industrial Mathematics, Financial Mathematics, Mathematics in Healtcare, Mathematics in Public policy and many more.

You can also find your love by Mathematics! Yes, haha, just try to read about it here ( Well, it use Optimal Stopping Theory. You can see about it and about how can Mathematics useful in daily-life in Youtube, just search Numberphile channel, and enjoy it! :p

So, I think that's all that can I write for you about Mathematics. Maybe I'll write more about it later.
Thanks, and enjoy!

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